don't you forget about me.
The teenagers of Rosewood Academy don’t know it but they are living, breathing incarnations of iconic 1980s and 1990s film characters. Just like the characters in those films, some were hopeless in love, others were just looking for somewhere to belong, and a lucky few ended up with everything they wanted - only to just want to get away from it all.

After one of the wildest parties they have ever seen, the students of Rosewood Academy find that the social standards they once lived by have diminished. Sam Baker finally got the courage to talk to Jake Ryan, the Heathers got a taste of their own medicine, and Ferris Bueller finally got caught in one of his wild schemes. While they all come from different backgrounds and cliques, one thing's for certain: this year at Rosewood Academy will be unforgettable.   

OPENED 9/13/2012.

welcome to the panic era.
This summer, Rosewoodians will be playing a lovely little game. Panic takes note of your fears and exploits them. For the one person who can defeat all that he or she is afraid of, a humongous pot of cash stands as a reward.

Put on your game face and learn to love the panic.

Learn more about the game here.

today in rosewood...
Please check out our most wanted characters:
Cecily Lisbon, Clary Maston, Dallin McCall, Dylan Withers, Eddie Weston, Jenna Holloway, Leo Jackson, Ryan Mitchell, Siobhan Hawkins, and Troy Evans.

The casts of The Craft, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Fame, The Sandlot, and Sugar and Spice are looking a little empty, so why not check out their open characters?

The second Panic challenge is now complete!
The results have been posted here.

Why not live in the moment, especially if it has a good beat.

The streets are alive with the sound of music; the music of today’s hottest acts, up and comers and Rosewood’s very own. It’s that time of year where heads are adorn by flower crowns of every shade, shirts tend to be optional, people trade in their lush houses for tents, and inhibitions are lost. It’s a magical time where for four days, you can just let go of your worries and get lost in the pounding bass thumping around you.

This time of the year is called Rosewoodapalooza. It’s Rosewood’s answer to Lolla or Coachella, and it attracts numerous people to the usually quaint town of Rosewood which results in massive events happening all among town for those days. It’s a nonstop party for those who decide to attend the festival, which tends to be just about everyone and their parents.

So don’t stay home, pull out your summer best, and come enjoy the festival.

  • This event will run from 12AM EST, September 1st to 12AM EST, September 5th.
  • Feel free to post starters all around town for the next couple of days. The lake needs to become a communal bath for this event, the amusement park tends to be a place of entertainment after the sets are done; plus the ferris wheel gives you the best view of the entire festival, Katz has several pop up bars opened around the festival, and Traxs plays green room for all of the festivals entertainers so if you're lucky, you might just be able to sneak in. 
  • For those characters performing at the event, we'd love to see a setlist released so it could serve as her/his/their performance. 
  • Make sure to tag those festival outfits 'chwfashion', we'd love to see your character's style progression throughout those four days. 

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Anonymous whispered: FC changes for Kier?

Jamie Bell would be great for him!


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Anonymous whispered: Im kind of tempted to apply for Fido. Should I?

Yes, of course! I’m sure the Jawbreaker girls would love to see her around.


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Anonymous whispered: I've been dying to know, what movies/characters will be be brought to CHW?

I’m glad to hear you’re that excited. For sure Hairspray is definitely on it’s way, so expect that one soon. I also have The Basketball Diaries in mind so expect that to come in soon enough.


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Anonymous whispered: when is 2gen week?

It hasn’t been announced yet, but don’t worry - that’ll happen soon!


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Anonymous whispered: would brendan dooling be an acceptable face claim change for tobias carrey?

He’s actually in use as one of our faceclaims at the moment; sorry! Aaron is a great fit for Tobias, but I’d be happy to provide some alternatives.


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It's the times. They are a-changin'. Something's blowing in the wind...

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nine. one. 

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Anonymous whispered: Alternate FCs for Ryan Mitchell?

Jeremy Sumpter, Lucas Till, or Ryan McCartan?


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