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The teenagers of Rosewood Academy don’t know it but they are living, breathing incarnations of iconic 1980s and 1990s film characters. Just like the characters in those films, some were hopeless in love, others were just looking for somewhere to belong, and a lucky few ended up with everything they wanted - only to just want to get away from it all.

After one of the wildest parties they have ever seen, the students of Rosewood Academy find that the social standards they once lived by have diminished. Sam Baker finally got the courage to talk to Jake Ryan, the Heathers got a taste of their own medicine, and Ferris Bueller finally got caught in one of his wild schemes. While they all come from different backgrounds and cliques, one thing's for certain: this year at Rosewood Academy will be unforgettable.   

OPENED 9/13/2012.

welcome to the panic era.
This summer, Rosewoodians will be playing a lovely little game. Panic takes note of your fears and exploits them. For the one person who can defeat all that he or she is afraid of, a humongous pot of cash stands as a reward.

Put on your game face and learn to love the panic.

Learn more about the game here.

today in rosewood...
Please check out our most wanted characters:
Cecily Lisbon, Clary Maston, Collin Forrester, Darren Lahey, Dylan Withers, Jacob Levenstein, Jenna Holloway, Ryan Mitchell, Siobhan Hawkins, and Troy Evans.

The casts of The Craft, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, The Sandlot, Sugar and Spice, and Whatever It Takes are looking a little empty, so why not check out their open characters?

The second Panic challenge is now complete!
The results have been posted here.

You know who you’re up against now, so how badly do you want that last spot? It’s now or never, college kiddies.

     ✎ Once word of Effy Baker’s victory got out, the last of the top ten were called for their own solo challenges. The proof of success will be that much more motivating for them - if not mortifying, should they be one of the four who loses and suffers dire consequences. Again, the judges have set out to humiliate the contestants - and, well, the older you are, the more demons you have to face…

Kendall Myers, do you want to join your girlfriend in the seventh circle of hell? Commit your sins, darling. They’ll only ever be as bad as hers.

     ➳ Kendall has been instructed to take the fall for his girlfriend and turn himself in for the destruction of his brother’s contributions to the Rosewood hall of fame. In addition, he must enlist Olivia Duncan's help in ridding himself of the charges, by any means necessary - and by that, the judges mean insinuating that his crush remains. After all, who else could you possibly ask but the only girl who could hold a candle to little miss mighty?

Kennedy Marceaux, you were born for this. You know it, and we know it. Still, we’re not going to make it easy for you. Encapsulate your place as the villain of this town, and the spot is yours.

     ➳ Kennedy has been instructed to cover Ravenwood’s campus and building hallways with the journal pages the Heathers so meticulously created - the ones that have nearly been forgotten. In addition, she must record an admission of guilt in prior actions, along with individual apologies to the original Heathers - which will unexpectedly interrupt Rosewood’s broadcasting system in real time. Oh, and one last thing - she’ll have to admit that her accusations against Tinsley Chadwell were completely and utterly false.

Pete Verona, you’ve been pulling out your pity card for far too long. Show the cojones you swear you have by being the good guy, or else.

     ➳ Pete has been instructed to convince his mother to press domestic violence charges against him. He must do so by any means necessary. In his case, it would probably be best to succeed through threats rather than action. Or, if he’s particularly timid, he can try trapping himself under the guise of “doing the right thing.” It’s entirely up to him; regardless, he’ll have to be in handcuffs by sunrise - and without breaking the game’s most obvious rule - to qualify.

Ram Sweeney, you were once the most depraved student to set upon this town - if not through personality, then reputation. Time to channel that again.

     ➳ Ram has been instructed to entice five girls from his little black book to head on over to the Ravenwood football field, where he will all convince them to participate in the filming of a fun, just the slightest bit beyond (no super elaborate stripteases or porn, please and thank you) cheerleading flick for the team. The only stipulation? He must get all of the girls to consent and participate without their alerting others of the situation.

Two-Bit Montgomery, you’re meant to be the one to beat. You’ve middled along until now, but your efforts have to start counting.

     ➳ Two-Bit has been instructed to cross the tracks and return to his roots once more - by setting fire to Ravenwood’s LGBT center. He must do so without getting caught, or drawing instantaneous attention to the crime. He should leave a note giving all indications towards his action being a hate crime. If he’s smart, he’ll take all the precautions he ever has, and not leave as much as a fingerprint.


     ➳ There is always going to be a major stipulation to any of these challenges: you cannot decide the outcome for your character. You can write about anything else surrounding the challenge itself.

     ➳ Because these are solo challenges, your characters have free reign! Choose what you wish to address, and be creative.

     ➳ Focus on creativity in execution! That’s what will make reading these paras fun. Are these challenges a reminder of the source of your character’s fear? What’s your character’s stream of consciousness like? What else do you consider relevant to the task at hand?

     ➳ Everyone has until 12AM EST on Tuesday, September 23rd to post their solo paras in the chwpanic tag.

     ➳ Once the deadline passes, dashboard activity will surround the aftermath of the challenge. The results and point distributions will ideally be revealed instantaneously. If you’re going to be late, please let me know so I can take that into account! Conversely, if all five solo paras are handed in early, the judgment will be completed earlier.

     ➳ As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have! This is the home stretch, so go big or go home.

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     ✎ With one half of the top ten going to war, the first set of solo challenges went off without a hitch - if not with a few sacrifices of dignity along the way. As promised, one contestant remains to compete in the Joust, and will await their opponent, who will be revealed following the second round of solos. As far as to who that member of the top two is, well…

Did we forget to warn you of the larger consequences if you were to lose? Well, oops. That’s just the name of the game.

     ➳ Four contestants were ultimately eliminated. Calvin James and Taissa Fray were both arrested - the former for public indecency (the details - and video evidence - of which will be on the morning news tomorrow) and the latter for breaking and entering and vandalism. Matilda Wormwood suffered her loss through an “accidental” transmission of her scandalous phone conversation, the audio recording making its rounds through an anonymous, school-wide text. Scott Curtis remained in police custody and is still the primary suspect for the Rosewoodapalooza fire. Which left Effy Baker, the high school champion of Panic, and the first competitor in the Joust. She was not caught, nor reprimanded for her participation in the game.

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Anonymous whispered: Boyd Holbrook FC?

He’s an unused alternate for a taken character at the moment, but he would be a great fit for Jack Kelly or Sebastian Cartwright.


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All Panic entries are due in less than ten minutes! Please be prompt so the judgment can be made as soon as possible.


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Anonymous whispered: If somebody left the RP on less than good terms and they reapplied and their application was amazing would you accept them?

You know, to be honest, I can’t give a generalized answer to that because every case is different. 

So to me, the best way to go about that is to message us off anon if you’re interested in reapplying because I’m always open to hearing anyone out and you know, if you’re interested in building a bridge once again, who am I to say no to that? 


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Anonymous whispered: You guys should also do Pulp Fiction (Maybe Kimbra as a Mia Wallace FC??) and Crybaby (With a suggestion to make Alex Turner the Crybaby Walker FC) :)

Pulp Fiction may be a bit difficult to adapt, but the Cry-Baby cast has been a part of our group in the past. We may revisit it at some point, if inspiration strikes.


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Follow October Addams!

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Welcome back to Can't Hardly Wait, Karen! I'm quite happy to see this application for October, because you certainly divulged into who she is in a great way. I'm truly ready to see what you'll bring to our roleplay with her. Please make the account for October as soon as possible and click here for important information.

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Anonymous whispered: do you guys know when the college students will get their version of panic?

Soon, I promise!


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The audition count has been updated! (+01)

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