don't you forget about me.
The teenagers of Rosewood Academy don’t know it but they are living, breathing incarnations of iconic 1980s and 1990s film characters. Just like the characters in those films, some were hopeless in love, others were just looking for somewhere to belong, and a lucky few ended up with everything they wanted - only to just want to get away from it all.

After one of the wildest parties they have ever seen, the students of Rosewood Academy find that the social standards they once lived by have diminished. Sam Baker finally got the courage to talk to Jake Ryan, the Heathers got a taste of their own medicine, and Ferris Bueller finally got caught in one of his wild schemes. While they all come from different backgrounds and cliques, one thing's for certain: this year at Rosewood Academy will be unforgettable.   

OPENED 9/13/2012.

welcome to the panic era.
This summer, Rosewoodians will be playing a lovely little game. Panic takes note of your fears and exploits them. For the one person who can defeat all that he or she is afraid of, a humongous pot of cash stands as a reward.

Put on your game face and learn to love the panic.

Learn more about the game here.

today in rosewood...
Please check out our most wanted characters:
Brodie Balcoin, Clary Maston, Darren Lahey, Dylan Withers, Hailey Van Buren, Jacob Levenstein, Leighton Briggs, Leonard Jackson, Siobhan Hawkins, and Troy Evans.

The casts of The Breakfast Club, Empire Records, Pretty in Pink, The Sandlot, Sugar and Spice, and Whatever It Takes are looking a little empty, so why not check out their open characters?

The Joust is finally here!

Omigod! The year is 1985. The air smelled of hairspray and neon was all the rave. The talk of the town was an up and comer named Madonna and there was an actor in the White House. You’ll also meet the parents of the current students of Rosewood Academy and Ravenwood University and it might just shock you how different they might be. This will be a totally 80’s flashback that you won’t want to miss.

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